There can be no Eden without a garden

Randy's Tropical Plants is a website dedicated to enriching people's lives with beautiful tropical plants. I have been growing plants for most of my life, and I have been growing exotic tropicals for over twenty years.

Bletilla striata alba

The information found on this site is not copied and pasted from another website. It is the result of my lifetime of experience with these plants. I also have a network of plant experts who are my friends, so if there is some information you are looking for, about a plant that I haven't grown, please don't hesitate to email me with your questions. I'll consult someone who does know about it, and get you the information if I can.

Gongora rufescens

Without the correct knowledge, many tropical plants are in fact, impossible to grow, and no one wants to buy an expensive plant that will be very likely to die when specific requirements aren't met.

Passiflora quadrangularis, granadilla passionfruit

Many of these "impossible" plants are however, actually quite easy to keep thriving once certain key needs are met. Information makes all of the difference.

One of the reasons that I decided to build this site is that the information on so many other sites is sparse or incomplete. Usually, there's little more than a list of temperature, light, and water requirements. Those lists of plant requirements are here too, but I try to include as much information about a plant as I possibly can. If there is some key to growing a certain plant, or a trick to getting "tough to grow" plants to thrive, then it will be included here. I also try to include information for growing these plants outside of their prefered climates, so that people everywhere can own a piece of tropical paradise in their homes. Like my plants, this webite grows over time, with new plant information being added regularly.

Tropical Plants For Sale

As well as information, I also have tropical plants for sale. Randy's Tropical Plants is a licensed and inspected nursery. My nursery is not open to the public, so all sales are through the internet only. I strive to offer only the most beautiful and rare of the tropical plants in my store. Many plants that I grow and sell are difficult to propagate, and will only be available occasionally, or seasonally. Other plants are always available. I only sell healthy plants. If a plant that I have for sale, becomes unhealthy, it will be removed from availability until I can rectify the situation.

I also try to keep costs to a minimum for my customers. To do this, I mostly sell small specimens that are easily sent via mail. That way, the shipping is kept to a minimum, and I can sell the plants for lower prices than many other sellers do. So when you buy a plant from Randy's Tropical Plants, you're paying for the rarity of the plant, not a big pot full of heavy soil. If you're looking for a larger more developed specimen, then please ask. I may be able to accommodate your request, and if not, I will try to find a source of the plant for you... yes, from one of my competitors. Your needs are my primary concern.

So feel free to browse around. I have many pages, with pictures and information. Many of the pictures are also links to videos about that plant, the captions below the picture will indicate which ones are videos, so be sure to click on them. Thank you for visiting Randy's Tropical Plants.


Video. This week's plant is the beautiful Bamboo Orchid, (Arundina graminifolia) (click on the image).

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